FBC Corporate Sponsors & Affiliate Organizations

The Vision, Mission and Values of the FBC paint a long sought after picture of local governments freely and actively sharing performance information and collaborating to achieve the mining of best practices and local government service improvement based upon measuring and comparing performance.  This is indeed happening.

The FBC has become a strong and growing organization because the FBC's leaders value the open sharing of knowledge, insights and experiences through collaborative leadership.  We collectively seek to enhance cooperation among the people who care about local governments and the development of  positive relationships among all of the stakeholders involved. 

The FBC is further strengthened as our local government leaders ignite innovation, creativity and new ideas.  We collectively strive to massage the FBC's collaborative successes into best practices for local government service delivery.  This is accomplished with the help of a wide variety of both useful and practical tools that are both shared and are continuously being designed to improve the performance of our local governments and our local communities as a result.

It's only natural that the FBC would seek relationships with innovative corporate leaders to help achieve our Vision, Mission and Values.  The FBC's leaders have worked very hard at this with some great corporate business partners and is now recognized nationally for its collaboration between local governments in measuring, comparing, and improving performance. 

We owe a great deal to our corporate business partners.  The FBC has been working hard at collaborating with dedicated corporate leaders around the globe to improve local government service performance, the knowledge, skills and abilities of local government professionals through training, networking and a wide variety of organizational learning opportunities, and is facilitating cross-organizational learning, all using a bargain basement pricing structure as a result of the commitment of the FBC's local government leaders and each of our corporate sponsor businesses.

Established Technology Partners
The FBC's leaders have been working with technology-minded organizations since its inception with an eye toward developing business relationships that are designed to collaboratively solve problems, develop solutions, and improve not only local government performance, but the performance of those software solutions, as well.  Much has been done over the past few years to improve local government performance management technology systems and more still needs to be done.  By working together with these companies that are indeed dedicated to supporting and assisting local government organizations everywhere, the FBC has created a culture of sharing, growing and learning that has spread slowly and steadily along with the FBC. As a direct result of this work, FBC members are putting their own and others' performance data to use and making the data work for them......to improve their services.  This has been a major step both forward and upward in FBC's steady march to excellence as a professional benchmarking organization. 

Additional Corporate Partners are Encouraged to Join Us!

The FBC wants to establish a network of caring in the corporate world for all things excellent in local government services.  We seek to accomplish this by building an ever stronger, and growing base of corporate partners who are truly thought leaders and innovators, and most importantly who care about better government and improving communities' side by side with our FBC leaders.  In this regard, the FBC is seeking corporate partners who, like the FBC, understand that to have a brighter future, we must create that future now.  Doing so will continue to take better and better ideas, greater collaboration, and the casting of a wide net in order for us to capture the best, the brightest, the caring and the committed. 

We are especially interested in working together with the best of the best, collaboration-focused firms.  If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Business Partner with the FBC, please contact our Executive Director, Susan Boyer at sboyer@flbenchmark.org