Performance Management Articles and Publications

The FBC's leaders have been compiling a wide variety of resources and publications that may be of interest to you in your local government work surrounding such areas as: performance measurement, benchmarking, performance improvement, performance management, strategic planning, and other associated efforts. 

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 City of Orlando Police & Fire Sworn Personnel Trend Analysis 2000 - 2009

 Commentary: Reform government culture to cut costs by Eric Scorsone, MSU

It is time to change the local government culture so local officials let data help dictate their decisions to help save taxpayer money. This would help make the need for many important reforms, such as cooperation between local governments, more evident to managers, politicians and residents. Transparency in government has to move beyond open meetings, audits and freedom of information; real transparency tells us how our tax dollars are used to deliver services and the impact of any changes in those operations.

Eric Scorsone is co-chair of the State and Local Government Program at Michigan State University in East Lansing. 

 Economic Stimulus Spreadsheet - Initial Analysis of House Leadership Proposal

The publication outlines how the Stimulus Package seeks to sistribute the funding by Agency.  If you are interested in funding that is slated as pass-through (funding which will be awarded to your state for distibution to cities, ounties, and other entities), you are urged to find out the contact information for the person or agency which will likely be responsible for distribution of any pass-through funding.

 Pinellas County Survey Manual

Pinellas County Survey Manual A new, comprehensive Survey Manual to provide further guidance, answer any questions people may have about best practice survey techniques, and to improve the County’s survey practices overall

 Pinellas County - BTS - Linux Server Operating System (OS) Technology Consolidation – Survey Results

Despite numerous efforts, the preparers of this document were able to find very little objective qualitative comparison between the Linux SuSE/SLES and Red Hat Operating Systems.  In an effort to fairly compare the technologies, two surveys were conducted.