Pinellas County


Shannon Mills



Pinellas County Profile Pinellas County is a peninsula bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the west and by Tampa Bay on the east.
Vision Pinellas Vision Pinellas is Pinellas County's Strategic Plan, where the roots of the Balanced Scorecard begin.
Pinellas County Scorecard Pinellas County Strategic Planning Team created a one page visual aid to demonstrate the county's balanced scorecard approach. This handout is a simple way to communicate the county's goals and objectives with other employees and the average citizen.
Employment Incentive Program - Flowchart A program that includes financial awards to employees for exceeding specific performance goals, which generate sustainable savings for the County through better use of labor, capital, materials and energy, and under which the County may remit to Eligible Employees as a bonus.
Budget Presentation Evaluation Report This report investigates alternative methods of communicating the county’s budget with the public.
Green Local Government Designation The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) named Pinellas the first jurisdiction in the state to receive the coveted Green Local Government designation as a silver award winner.