About the FBC

The Florida Benchmarking Consortium (FBC) is an intra-state collaboration of Florida local governments seeking to improve the delivery of local government services through the use of performance measurement (PM) data and proven benchmarking tools and techniques.  Started in mid-2004 by a handful of like-minded performance and budgeting professionals representing local governments from around the state, the FBC has grown from being a collaborative vision of what could be accomplished in a regional PM and benchmarking initiative to becoming a model for other regional consortiums of this kind around the US.  The FBC's leaders have already been helping people in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey to get organizations like the FBC going to support and assist their local governments, and ultimately their local communities.

The FBC currently collects annual performance data  from its membership in 20 service areas.  Performance measures are developed and revised by Service Area Leads for each service area.  Starting in 2011, the FBC began the process of reviewing three service areas each year for such items as balance, clear definition and relevance.  As the FBC continues to try and better meet its memberships needs, the time line for the Data Collection shifts, allowing the Annual Report to eventually be available in late summer annually.

The FBC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives of member organizations and 2 at-large members.  Operational functions are supported  by volunteered time from the FBC's Board, Board Committee members, other local government member representatives,  and periodically by graduate students. 

The FBC is the largest intra-state local government benchmarking consortium within the United States (we're still looking for something like the FBC outside the US but haven't identified anything quite like the FBC around the world anywhere).  There currently are 50+/- member local governments in the FBC.  Each member local government participates across 20 local government performance management-focused service areas, potentially using a combined total of over 800 performance measures that have been dynamically crafted, massaged, managed and improved over time by service area experts from the many industries of Florida's local governments. 

The FBC's leaders are proud to have working relationships with many of the local government professional associations that work with Florida local governments and support the many subject area experts that work with the FBC. The FBC's local government leaders are fortunate to have a group of association leaders working with us as dedicated business partners to achieve our mutual goals. 

At a time when local governments are continuing to do more with less, what better tool to use to manage performance than FBC data. Our Annual Conference each Fall will provide you with usable take-aways, allowing you to make significant new contributions to your organization. What an effective way to empower yourself with performance measurement tools, thought provoking debate, learning, networking and so much more! We hope you will join us for the Annual Conference each October. In addition, we offer a range of training opportunities that will enhance your organization's ability to capture, analyze and use the data collected. These trainings range from Lean Six Sigma Training to Data Driven Strategic Planning. The opportunity to enhance the use of your data and grow your network of innovative government peers is driven at your own pace. For details, on upcoming activities, see the sidebar on the right and future events in the left-hand corner.

For quick reference to further information about the FBC, below are links to a map of the State of Florida showing where our FBC member local governments are located, a list of the FBC's member local governments and a short presentation of FBC's history and services.

If you are a City, County, Authority, State Agency or other governmental entity in Florida you can join the FBC.  Interested in joining the FBC? Please contact the FBC's Executive Director (see contact link below), for all the information on data collection and getting involved in the FBC.  


FBC's Vision / Mission / Values

Recognized as the premier benchmarking consortium for identifying best practices and improving local government performance.

Florida's local governments and citizens collaborating to achieve service excellence.

  • We openly share our knowledge, insights, and experiences.
  • We enhance cooperation and grow positive relationships.
  • We ignite innovation, creativity, and new ideas.
  • We provide useful tools to improve performance.
  • We facilitate easy access of idea exchange.
  • We promote fact-based decision making.
  • We offer quality resources at a good value.
  • We are sensitive to the differences between communities.
  • We benchmark performance measures that speak to citizen and community desires.