Annual Data Collection Cycle

The FBC data cycle focuses on the City and County Fiscal Year (October 1, 20XX - September 30, 20XX) performance data being input by FBC local government member leaders during the month of February for the prior fiscal year.  If FBC members are comfortable with entering their data into Ideagen, the Ideagen Training noted below may not be necessary.  However, both new and returning FBC members are encouraged to participate in the Ideagen Training to either learn how to do the data input for the first time or to refresh their Ideagen skills.

Ideagen Basic Data Entry Training 
Dates TBA - Several one-hour Ideagen Basic Data Entry Training sessions will be offered by the FBC using GoToMeeting. 

Annual Data Collection Schedule
Data collection - TBA (Schedule will be emailed to member PC)
Data input - TBA (System open and close dates will be emailed to member PC)

Annual Data Cleansing and Reporting Schedule Includes the Following Items:
Data Cleansing review by FBC
Data Cleansing (Round 1) corrections due from jurisdictions to FBC
Data Cleansing (Round 2) final corrections due from jurisdictions to FBC
Review Service Area Reports by Service Area Leads

Publication of Annual Report in the Spring